Getting porosity by using Flux Core Gasless welding wire

Q: I bought flux core wire from you people a while back and I have been getting porosity from your flux core wire. Can you explain why?
Answer from WeldingCity: The gasless MIG welding such as E71T-11 and E71T-GS results can be affected by more factors than traditional solid wire welding like ER70S-6, such as welding parameters, surface conditions, plate thickness, machine set-up, work conditions and operations. Enclosed please find the welding parameters suggested from the manufacturer. You may use them as reference and let us know if there is any question. We will forward them to manufacture for further investigation. Also the below customer comment is for a Lincoln Inner shield product which supposedly is one of the best gasless MIG welding wire products in the world. Hopefully it will help.


Answer from Manufacture: You are quite right. You use different wires. You also need a different polarity setting on the machine to run gasless flux-cored wire, so this can’t be run on a standard gas only mig. (you need the Dual-Purpose ‘EN’ models). In practice you will find that the standard gas set-up runs much better, especially on thin stuff. It welds a lot smoother & cleaner than the flux-cored wire which tends to burn holes in thin car panels.
A dual purpose machine is handy if you suddenly run out of gas in the middle of a job but you will find that you will be using it in gas mode most of the time on car panels. The Clarke machines are also a good choice out of the hobby MIGs.


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  Details: AWS Classification: ER308L

  • Manufacturer: WeldingCity
  • Size: 1/8″
  • Length: 36″
  • Weight: 1″ pounds
  • Typical Element Content (wt%) in Product: C<=0.03; Cr=19.50-22.00; Ni=9.00-11.00; Mo<=0.75; Cu<=0.75; Si=0.30-0.65; Mn=1.00-2.50; P<0.030; S<0.030; Fe=balance
  • We do WHOLESALE! Please call 770.609.8032 for details.
er308l stainless steel rod


This product can also be used for welding types 321 and 347 stainless steels
This wire is suitable for applications at cryogenic temperatures
AWS A5.9, welding current DCEP

  Item Description

ER308/308L is used for welding types 304, 304L, 308 and 308L stainless steels. It is very similar to type 308 but has a on content held to a max of .03%.


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Gas Lens 45V41 45V42 45V43 45V44 45V45
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Ceramic Cup Nozzle #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #10 #12 #15
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* WP-9 and WP-17 usually does not use 1/8″ and up
** 1-piece style
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