1-AWG Heavy Duty Welding Cable Black Whip Lead Set with Stick Electrode Holder Stinger and Tweco-type Twist-lock Connector

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Stick welding cable lead 1-AWG (cable gauge #1) heavy duty welding cable (black), 300 Amp stick electrode holder, 300 Amp ground clamp and Dinse/Tweco-type twist-lock cable connector. Options for cable only or complete cable whip lead or cable accessory kit. U.S.A made heavy duty welding cable (1-AWG cable gauge #1, EPDM jacketed) for use where maximum flexibility and resistance to cuts, tears, abrasion is required. EPDM jacket rated at 105C. Resistant to chemicals, oils, and acids and is also weather, ozone and sunlight resistant. Welding cable length 10-ft, 15-ft, 25-ft, 50-ft, 100-ft available. Premium quality brand-new 300 Amp stick electrode holder stinger and cable connector with accessory kit for arc welding. Strong spring, copper plated jaw and copper braid. Cable Accessory Kit including cable connector (Dinse/Tweco-type), 300 Amp ground clamp and lug terminal. Two types of cable connector to machine available: Dinse-type twist-lock welding cable connector with screw kit. 1/2" pin diameter. Accepts AWG #2-1/0 (35-50mm) cable; Tweco/Lenco-style twist-lock welding cable connector with screw kit. Quick connection by positive cam action. Compatible with Tweco 2-MPC and Lenco LC-40 connector.
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