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WeldingCity® Tweco-type Twist-lock Cable Connector Pair 1/0-2/0 50-70mm with Accessories

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  • Premium Tweco®/Lenco® style positive cam twist-lock connector pair (male and female) with accessories.
  • Accepts cables 1/0-AWG to 2/0-AWG (nominal cable area 50-70mm². Tweco-style 5/8" pin-diameter.
  • Connection via a positive cam action. Compatible with Tweco® MPC, Lenco® LC-40 and Miller® 191981/218677 series connectors.
  • Equipped with heat and oil resistant covers. Cable connection accessories include ball-point screws, copper splice caps and sleeve cover screws.
  • Priced for package with deep quantity discount.
Brand   WeldingCity®
  Tweco® MPC/Lenco® LC-40/Milller® 191981-218677
Cable Accept
  AWG 1/0 - AWG 2/0 (50-70mm)
Connection Type
  Tweco® style
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