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WeldingCity® 8-Way Multifunction MIG Welding Gun Plier

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  • Multi-function hand plier for MIG welding gun cleaning, part change, wire drawing/cutting, nozzle/diffuser/bushing removal and installation, etc.
  • Versatile 8-way functions in one tool:
    • 1. Spatter removal from in and outside the nozzle.
    • 2. Spatter removal from the nozzle edge.
    • 3 Hammering.
    • 4. Tip removal and installation.
    • 5. Wire cutting.
    • 6. Nozzle removal and installation.
    • 7. Wire drawing.
    • 8. Bushing removal/installation.
  • Spring loaded for easy opening and closing.
  • 8-in long.
  • Deep quantity discount available.
Brand   WeldingCity®
For Use
  MIG welding gun cleaning and part change/removal
Length   8-in
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