Light Duty Flowmeter Regulator Victor Style HRF 1425 (0781-2723) CGA 580 for Argon, Argon/CO2 Mix and Inert Gases (UL Listed)

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  • Premium quality light duty flowmeter regulator specially designed for Ar and Ar/CO2 mix in MIG/TIG welding and other industrial applications. Compatible with Victor HRF 1425 (0781-2723). Product is UL-listed.
  • Light-to-Medium duty to MIG and TIG welding. Solid brass design and piston type constructure. Combines body and flowmeter in one unit. Flow tube is marked and calibrated for Argon and Argon/CO2.
  • Max inlet pressure 3,000 psig. 25 psig (Argon, Argon/CO2) pre-set pressure. Up to 50 CFH for Argon.
  • Connection: CGA 580 (Inert) inlet and 5/8"-18 RH(F) outlet.
  • U.S. based welding supplier. Strong technical support with experienced customer service to address buyer's any question.
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