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WeldingCity® Collet 10NS-series (Stubby) for TIG Welding Torch 17-18-26

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  • 10NS series stubby collet for 17, 18 and 26 series TIG welding torches.
  • Work with 17CB20 collet body and 13N ceramic cup to reduce the length of head front.
  • TIG amperage 150A - 350A; air-cooled or water cooled.
  • Available sizes: 0.040" (10N22S), 1/16" (10N23S), 3/32" (10N24S) and 1/8" (10N25S).
  • Priced for pakcage.

Collets, Collet Bodies and Gas Lens for 17-18-26 Torches

TIG Torch17-18-26 Collet-Collet-Body-Gas Lens

Brand   WeldingCity®
Reference Number   10N22S | 10N23S | 10N24S | 10N25S
TIG Torch
  17, 18 and 26, air-cooled and water cooled
Length   1.25"
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