Large Gas Lens

4-pk Large Gas Lens 0.040"-1/8" 45V0204S 45V116S 45V64S 995795S

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  • 4-pcs premium quality large gas lens collet bodies for gas lens setup in TIG torch 9, 20 and 25.
  • 1-pcs 45V0204S (0.020"-0.040"), 1-pcs 45V116S (1/16"), 1-pcs 45V64S (3/32") and 1-pcs 995795S (1/8").
  • Work with 53N and 57N series large gas lens ceramic cup and 13NL series collet.
  • You get Four (4) TIG torch large gas lens collet bodies 0.040"-1/8" (45V0204S-995795S) at this price.
  • We do WHOLESALE! Please contact us for details.

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