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WeldingCity® Power Cable Adapter Dinse-type 50mm (Gas-Through) for TIG Welding Torch 26-series

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  • Premium 50mm Dinse-style power cable adapter for connection in one-piece air-cooled TIG welding torch 26-series.
  • 50mm Dinse-type gas-through pin (1/2").
  • Rear female fitting 7/8"-14 RH to accept power cable hose 46V28R/46V30R and other equivalent 26 series TIG welding torch.
  • Interchangeable with Miller® 194723, Lincoln® K1622-3 and Lenco® LDTI-26-R.
  • Miller® adapter 194723 adapter can be found in Miller® welder Econotig® and Syncrowave® 180SD.
  • Lincoln® K1622-3 twist-mate adapter in PTA TIG torch 26 series can be found in Lincoln® welder Invertec® V160-S/V200-T and SquareWave® TIG 175/275.
  • Priced for package.
Brand   WeldingCity®
Reference   Miller® 194723 | Lincoln® K1622-3 | Lenco® LDTI-26-R
Torch Type   one-piece air-cooled 9, 17 and 23 series
Fitting   7/8"-14 RH
Material   Brass
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