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WeldingCity® 10-pcs Torch Accessory Kit (AK1) Assorted Sizes 040-1/16 with 2.0% Thoriated Tungsten (Red) for Regular Setup

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  • Premium TIG welding torch accessory kit (AK1) for regular setup in torch 9, 20 and 25.
  • 10-pcs kit; includes assorted-sizes collets, collet bodies, Alumina ceramic cups, gasket, back caps and 2.0% Thoriated Tungsten electrodes (7" length). See table below for content.
  • Assorted sizes of 0.040" and 1/16".
  • Priced for package.

Acessory kit includes:


Brand   WeldingCity®
Reference Number   AK1
Pieces   10-pcs
Torch Setup   Regular setup in Torch 9, 20 and 25
Size   0.040" and 1/16"
Tungsten Electrode
  2% Thoriated (red)
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