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WeldingCity® WP-9 125 Amp 25-ft Air-cooled TIG Welding Torch Complete Package

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  • Premium TIG welding torch WP-9 complete package (12-pcs).
  • WP-9 125A air-cooled torch body with handle.
  • 25-ft rubber (EPDM) power cable hose with Nylon® cable cover.
  • Using Weldcraft® style TIG welding torch parts.
  • Selectable cable adapters for connection to different welders: regular 105Z57 and Dinse-type adapter plugs (separate gas and gas-through).
  • Package includes rubber power cable hose, torch head body, accessory kit (cups, collets and collet bodies), Nylon® cable cover and selectable cable adapters. Simple on-site assembly needed.
  • Deep quantity discount provided (2 torch packages and 5 torch packages).

 This TIG welding torch complete package includes:

 WP-9 25-ft Package

Brand   WeldingCity®
Torch Type
  WP-9 air-cooled
Cable Length
Current Rating   125Amp
Cable Adapter
  Weldcraft® / Dinse-type
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