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WeldingCity® Quick Gas Connect Adapter Female 5/8"-18 RH B-size to Male Gas Plug 0.355" (9mm)

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  • Premium quick-connect gas adapter plug. Compatible with CK-International® QDGAP.
  • Adapter with female fitting 5/8" x 18 right-hand internal threads to 9mm (0.355") male gas spud to make quick connect/disconnect for gas hose connection.
  • Fits gas hoses with male fitting 5/8" x 18 "B" size right-hand.
  • Deep quantity discount available.
Brand   WeldingCity®
Reference   QDGAP, CK-International®
Fitting   0.355" (9mm) quick gas plug and 5/8" B-size female UNF
Material   Brass
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