Welding Brazing Heating Positive Pressure E Type Mixer H-16-2E for Harris Torches

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  • Premium quality Harris style welding brazing heating oxyfuel gas Harris style mixer H-16-2E for Harris torches.
  • Fits Harris handles: 16, 19-6, 19-6A, 50-9, 50-10 for Acetylene and alternate fuel gas welding/brazing/heating.
  • Mixer-tip thread 23/64" - 26 to use with Harris Acetylene brazing tips: 23-A-90, 1390; Acetylene heating tips: J-63-1 & 2; Alternate fuel brazing tips: 1390-N and Alternate fuel heating tips: 1390-H, 1390-B.
  • Strong technical support with experienced customer service to address buyer's any question.

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