Heavy Duty Torch Handle Harris Style 63-2 for All Fuel Gases Welding Cutting Heating (UL Listed)

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  • Premium quality Harris style heavy duty torch handle for all gases fuel welding, cutting and heating. Compatible with Harris torch handle 63-2 or 18-5. Product is UL-listed.
  • Cuts up to 150mm; welds up to 50mm. 10-1/2" long. Hose connection 9/16 inch - 18 (B-type).
  • Works with Harris mixer type B-43, E-43, E2-43, E3-43 and welding/brazing tip 23A90, 1390, 1390N and heating tip J-63, 1390, etc. Fits Harris cutting attachment 73-3 and 49-3F with cutting tips: 6290 series (6290, 6290NX, 6290AC, 6290NFF, 6290NXP, etc.)
  • No check valves or flashback arrestors installed. Recommended to use appropriate hose check valves or flashback arrestors for safety.
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