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WeldingCity® Slip-on Gas Nozzle 24A-62 (5/8") for Tweco® Lincoln® MIG Welding Gun 300A - 400A

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  • Premium quality Tweco® style 24A-62 slip-on gas nozzle with 5/8" orifice.
  • Slides over nozzle insulator 34A to obtain desired tip-nozzle relationship.
  • Use with Tweco® No.3/No.4 medium to heavy duty MIG welding guns up to 450Amp.
  • Also compatible with Lincoln® Magnum 300A-450A MIG welding guns. Ref No. KP1932 series.
  • Priced for package.
Brand   WeldingCity®
Reference Number   24A-62
Orifice   5/8"
Material   Copper
Nozzle Assembly
Tip Relationship   Adjustable
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