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WeldingCity® Gas Nozzle 4295 (3/8") Elliptical Series for Bernard® Q™/S™ MIG Welding Gun

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  • Premium quality Bernard® style elliptical gas nozzle 4295 (Brass).
  • Nozzle orifice 3/8"; adjustable tip relationship.
  • Bernard® elliptical series consumables allow adjustable tip to work distance and fast and easy changeover.
  • For use with 4335 gas diffuser and 4200 series contact tips in Bernard® Q™/S™ MIG welding gun.
  • Priced for package.
Brand   WeldingCity®
Reference Number   4295
Material   Brass
Nozzle Orifice   3/8"
Wire Diameter
  0.035" - 0.052"
Tip Relationship   Adjustable
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