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WeldingCity® Gas Diffuser DS-1 (Small) Compatible with Bernard® Centerfire™ MIG Welding Gun Consumables

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  • Premium quality gas diffuer DS-1 (small) compatible with Bernard® Centerfire™ MIG welding parts.
  • Diffuser with tapered seat for better electrical conductivity. Designed with "Drop-In" tip for quick change to reduce down time and ensure secure mating with contact tips.
  • Solid and concentric configuration of contact tip, nozzle and gas diffuser keeps tip centered which smoothes and concentrates gas flow for lower weld oxidation and contamination.
  • Work with Centerfire™ T/TT-series contact tips and NS-series (small) gas nozzles in many MIG welding guns like Bernard® BTB, S/W-Gun series, Clean Air, Dura Flux and some Tregaskiss models.
  • U.S. based welding and hardware supplier. Strong technical support with experienced customer service to address buyer's any question.
  • Package of 2-pcs and 5-pcs DS-1 gas diffusers available.
Brand   WeldingCity®
Reference Number   DS-1
Material   Brass
Length   1-1/4"
Compatibility   see breakdown chart (fig.3)


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