WeldingCity MIG Welding Gun Torch Stinger Package 150Amp 12-ft Replacement for Hobart H-10 (195957) H100S2-10 (245924)

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  • Premium quality 100Amp/150Amp MIG welding gun torch package fully interchangeable with Hobart MIG gun H-10 (195957), or the Hobart H100S2-10 MIG gun (245924).
  • Usually H-10 Hobart MIG gun can be found on Hobart Handler 130XL, 135, 140, 175, 187 and AutoArc XLT142 & XLT182 direct-connect cable.
  • Ready to feed .030-.035 diameter welding wire. With standard Miller/Hobart type front and rear end. Various cable length available.
  • See all listed pictures for part details. Check your welder's user manual and existing mig gun for front-end consumables as well as rear plug/control line connector for compatibility.
  • US based welding supplier. Strong technical support with experienced customer service to address buyer's any question.
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