New/Unwrapped WeldingCity® 50-ft 3/8" Grade-T Twin-Hose (Green and Red) B-B Fittings for Acetylene Propane Gas Welding Cutting Heating

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  • Premium quality Grade-T twin-hose (red/green) for welding, cutting and heating by Oxygen/Acetylene, Propane and alternative fuel gas.
  • 50-ft length; 3/8-inch diameter with B-B fittings. Standard duty service Type-S. Comply with RMA/CGA IP-7-2008 standard.
  • Hose comes with B-B fittings featuring 9/16" - 18 female RH, LH thread.
  • Grade-T hose is recommended to use with Acetylene, Propane and alternative fuel gases. Compared to Grade-R and RM, Grade-T hose's tube and cover are with excellent flame and oil-resistance as well as longer service life.
  • Priced for package with deep quantity discount.
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