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10-pcs ERTi-2 Titanium TIG Welding Rod 0.045"x36"

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  • AWS Spec. A5.16, Class ERTi-2. 
  • Diameter 0.045" (1.2mm) by Length 36" (914mm).
  • 10-pcs package.
  • The ERTi-2 (Grade 2) Titanium rod is the “workhorse” of the industrial corrosion market and most common unalloyed (or Commercially Pure-CP) grade. It is generally the most readily available in all product forms and has the lowest cost. ERTi-2 (Grade 2) is used for process equipment like pressure vessels, columns, tanks, heat exchangers, shafts, blowers and fans, condenser tubing, valves, fittings, and pipes.
  • Acid-pickled surface to fully remove contaminants.
  • You get 10-pcs of Titanium ERTi-2 (Grade-2) TIG welding rods 0.045"x36" at this price.
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