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2-lb WeldingCity® E71T-11 0.035" Gasless Flux-cored MIG Welding Wire 4-in Spool

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  • Premium 0.035" E71T-11 gasless flux-cored MIG welding wire spool.
  • AWS Classification: E71T-11.
  • 2-Lb net weight of welding wire, 0.035" (0.9mm) wire diameter, 4"-spool, layer-wound flux-cored MIG wire wrapped in vacuumed aluminum foil.
  • Self-shielded; no welding protection gases needed. Used for single or multiple-pass fillet and lap welding.
  • Deep quantity discount for purchasing 2 and more rolls.
Brand   WeldingCity®
AWS/ASME SFA5.18   E71T-11
Wire Diameter
  0.035" (0.9mm)
Spool   2-Lb, 4-in
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