Copper Phosphorus Filler Brazing Rod Silver - 5% Silver x 1/8''

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Premium quality Copper-Phosphorus filler brazing metal rods Silver-5 (5% Silver) for brazing copper-copper or copper-brass in air-conditioning and refrigerator. Specification: ANSI/AWS A5.8 and ASME SFA 5.8 (BCuP-3). Rod Size: 20” x 1/8” x 0.050” (500 x 3.2 x 1.3mm). Chemical composition %: Phosphorus: 5.8-6.2, Silver: 4.8-5.2, Copper: remain. Brazing temperature range: 1350F-1550F (723C-843C). When heated quickly to its liquidus, Silver-5 will flow rapidly and easily penetrate into tight clearance connections. With slower heating the alloy melting range provides the ability to filler wider gaps. No flux is required for copper brazing. Apply appropriate flux for brazing brass or copper to brass. Often chosen as an economical alternative to higher silver content alloys for copper and brass applications.

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