Pearl Abrasive® Power Wire Brush Knot Cup Tempered Wire CLWBK258 Size 2-3/4 x .020 x 5/8"-11

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  • Established USA brand Pearl Abrasive® power wire brush CLWBK258.
  • Specs and Features:
    • Size: 2-3/4 x .020 x 5/8"-11 (wheel cup dia. 2-3/4"; wire dia. 0.020"; ceter hub 5/8"-11 thread)
    • Maximum rpm: 12,500
    • Type: knot cup
    • Brush Wire: carbon steel tempered wire
  • Designed for use in high speed air and electric tools, portable, and stationary machines.
  • For heavy duty applications.
  • Deep quantity discount available.
Brand   Pearl Abrasive®
Part Number
  2-3/4 x 0.020 x 5/8"-11, max. rpm: 12,000
Brush and Wire Type   Knot cup tempered wire
Wire Material
  Carbon steel
Applications   Heavy duty
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